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Document scanning and printing have become crucial for people in many spheres of life because of technological advancements. You now have access to the amazing Fast Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan APK, which will help you with this. Read the application to find out more about this tool's special features.
December 10, 2022
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Download Fast Scanner Mod APK v4.6.6 (Premium Unlocked) free

Download Document scanning and printing have become crucial for people in many spheres of life because of technological advancements. You now have access to the amazing Fast Scanner Pro: PDF Doc Scan APK, which will help you with this. Read the application to find out more about this tool’s special features.

About the application:

This critical tool is all about scanning crucial papers, making a pdf file, and then disseminating it to everyone available online. By using the backup option of Download: Fast Scanner APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) , you may save these PDF files to your device and access them from any device linked to the same account.

These pdf documents can also be printed out on white card stock and saved for later use. Avoid the inconvenience of taking your papers to several specialists to get them scanned by using your Android smartphones as scanning and printing equipment. Perhaps you enjoy Camcard BCR APK, a similar piece of software.

The Fast Scanner MOD APK  (Premium Unlocked) , which is available from Cool Mobile Solution, has more than ten million downloads Download Fast Scanner – PDF Scan App Mod Apk  [Unlocked][Pro] and a 4.6 user rating on Google Play. Users of this software may use their smartphones to utilize the photographs to produce PDF files.

To make PDFs, they may either take photographs of cards, papers, or paper text, or they can choose from among the images already on the device.

Additionally, Fast Scanner Mod APK  (Premium Unlocked) free includes other functions, including cloud compatibility, batch scanning, ID scanning, text recognition, and more. Online users can also exchange PDF or JPEG files.

Fast Scanner Mod APK

Features of the Fast Scanner Mod APK:

Scan your critical papers on your own:

Today, almost all online tools are available to everyone due to our growing reliance on the internet. No matter what industry you are in or where you work (a college or an office), there are a lot of papers that need to be scanned and printed. These documents are successfully shared with official individuals as PDF files following conversion. This program has made scanning considerably simpler.

Create PDF files:

To use, store, or send the papers to anybody, the first step is to convert them into pdf files, which are supported by devices. You are free to make any required changes to the document once it has been scanned and converted to a PDF file.

When it comes to the Fast Scanner PDF Scan App:

Fast Scanner Pro apk , a piece of business software from Cool Mobile Solution, has more than ten million downloads and a 4.6 user rating on Google Play. With this program, users may produce PDF documents from the photographs on their iPhones. To create PDFs, customers may either take images of cards, papers, or paper text, or they can choose from the already-stored photos on the device.

It also offers extra capabilities like batch scanning, ID scanning, text recognition, cloud support, and more. Additionally, users online can swap JPEG or PDF files.

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An intuitive interface:

Fast Scanner Mod APK  (Premium Unlocked) free has a user-friendly interface and a clean design. To enter the menu, swipe right from the left side or hit the hamburger icon in the upper left corner.

From its menu, you may quickly access a number of tabs. You may rapidly access the camera and take pictures to use in PDF creation by clicking the floating camera icon in the bottom right corner. Alternately, the list of papers might be organized chronologically or alphabetically by person or date.

With others, trade papers:

The Fast Scanner Mod APK Premium Unlocked Download are frequently made to be distributed to others at work. Your work will go more quickly and easily if your documents are converted to PDF files. In the modern world, one must do their tasks quickly and properly, and this application will provide users with all kinds of great services with accuracy and optimization.

After successfully scanning and producing PDF files, these documents can be quickly shared with others via any medium with just a few clicks.

You may modify your scanned documents:

The application is useful since it enables document editing without the need for other software. Users’ lives have been made easy and uncomplicated by the scanner’s simplicity in modifying these materials.

Fast Scanner Mod APK

Additionally, you may save edited versions of documents to avoid wasting time. Simply explained, when it comes to time management, the application can change papers in less than 10 seconds. Forget about spending hours at the market scanning and creating PDF files when you can do it at home in a few clicks.

Having more applications with data access:

Now that the Fast Scanner : Free PDF Scan v4.6.4 (Premium) Unlocked may be loaded on both PCs and Android devices, the question is what will happen to the data that has been prepared on Android devices.

Will the data be accessible to the other device as well? Regarding your concern, by linking all of your devices to the same account, you may immediately access all of your edited and saved data. Utilize the remarkable features of this application to streamline and simplify your workday. 

Maintain your privacy:

Using this Fast Scanner Pro 4.6.4 (MOD Premium Unlocked) , one may compose daily papers for use in the office or at school. Don’t worry if any of those documents require extreme sensitivity; this program also offers privacy to safeguard your private and important documents.

Several distinct papers:

There are several scanning and printing applications available online, but they have many restrictions, one of which is the maximum number of documents they can create. You’ll be amazed to hear that there are no limitations on the number of documents that may be written using this useful tool.

Without charge:

We must pay for all of their work when we employ a professional to handle the scanning and printing. But now that the application is free, we can utilize all of its features without spending a thing.

Ads are not allowed:

You may now skip past pointless video advertisements without having to finish watching them since they won’t stop you from working on anything important. You may stop these advertisements by installing the updated version of the software from our website.

System requirements:

On a smartphone, the Scanner Pro APK has to be installed and must run on Android 4.1 or above.

 What’s New?

  • Premium unlocked
  • No ads
  • Bugs are fixed.
  • Auto-upload as both PDF and JPEG

How to download Fast Scanner Mod APK?

The Android user guide may be downloaded.

Installing the Download Fast Scanner Pro: PDF Scan 4.6.3 Apk Premium Unlocked on an Android smartphone has never been easier. By clicking the provided link, you may install the application on your Android devices. Make sure to enable downloading from unknown sources by going to the device’s security settings if the device exhibits any resistance.

Obtain the PC user manual:

The Fast Scanner PDF Scan App MOD APK  Pro Features Unlocked cannot be installed on a PC until the emulators have been installed. The emulators are MeMu and Bkuestacks. Use these emulators to install the modified version of the program and the Microsoft Store to complete the installation of Fast Scanner Mod APK.


Fast Scanner Mod APK is a useful tool that has genuinely made users’ lives simpler by providing them with an online alternative for document scanning and printing. Create PDF files that can be edited appropriately and emailed to other people whenever you want. Cloud storage is compatible with Fast Scanner Mod APK . Support is available for One Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

You may upload your files and view them using any of these cloud storage services from anywhere and on any device. It also has an automatic upload feature that will upload the files to the cloud on its own. You may choose which cloud storage provider to use and which file type—JPEG, PDF, or both—to use for automated uploads.

Fast Scanner Mod APK

You don’t need to worry about the content, as this tool allows users to change the images for better clarity after scanning. Fast Scanner Mod APK  (Premium Unlocked) free  has a wide range of picture editing options, allowing you to make scanned images as easy to read as possible.

It is possible to alter an image by cropping it or adding other effects. The scan’s default color is black and white; however, it could be grainy depending on the illumination where you capture the photo. The tool includes effects like gray, black, and white, or color with different color schemes to make the page’s color more prominent.

It therefore helps to present document content more simply. For hobbies that include a lot of text and photographs, you won’t need to spend money upgrading your phone.

If you scan extra or missing pages after scanning, you may also use the feature to add new pages or remove existing pages from the PDF file by Fast Scanner Mod APK  (Premium Unlocked) free. It’s easy to change or add more captures if you need to finalize your document before submitting it. 


Does this Fast Scanner Mod APK run on the internet?

Yes, you may access this application online.

How safe is Fast Scanner Mod APK?

This software is 100 percent secure.

Is it free to use this software?

The cost of installing this application is nothing.

What's new

  • Premium unlocked
  • No ads
  • Bugs are fixed.
  • Auto-upload as both PDF and JPEG


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